“Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe”- Augustine

Let’s get this straight- today I am not going to talk about the arguments of science which state that there is no God because there’s no solid evidence to prove otherwise, instead I am going to discuss about the very basis of God being in the universe. So the next time you see a person choosing not to have chicken on Tuesday’s might perhaps not be because lord ‘Hanuman’ came and warned him/her not to, but because what they have been following throughout their lives as that’s what they choose to believe.

Our parents tell us about the wisdom passed down by the old wise people who taught the world about the existence of God on the same earth, thousands of years ago but I wonder who actually taught them? Maybe their ancestors or maybe they actually attained nirvana experiencing the vision of God! Yet again, the only truth we know about our holy books is that they were written by a human being, who apparently saw God in some form or the other. I am not denying the fact that they had a vision of God but all I question is the accuracy of the common truth in their words. It’s quite contradictory that we have read about forgiving people yet we still have the concept of hell and heaven (at least most of us!).Maybe what Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha said is right but over the years the translations have definitely changed a bit and the bit encompassing more than half of the entire human and this, bit, all people-us have believed in it since for years .

For instance we say that only after attaining ‘moksha’ we get to see God yet our holy books say that God lies within us, God is in everything we do or God is in everything we wish to do. So for a monk in the hills, being near to God is labeled as worship while on the other hand an ordinary man doing his work ,something he loves to do and finds peace in is seen as routine, WHY?. From childhood we’ve been taught to go to the temple or at least chant holy verses from our respective religious books every day in order to have God by our side in whatever we do and so that at the end of the day we are happy and are able to put our action towards the right direction, now that’s quite delusional because who gets to decide that the path we choose is right or wrong and even if it is wrong how is it even possible to state that God is not with us through that path ,through the struggle .
Now, in way perceive this as me refuting the idea or existence of God but understand that people go on to defend something throughout their lives which they were labeled in just minutes after their birth ;their name, religion and ideals and this is very much hysterical because we have no reason to follow something if we don’t believe in it our self and even if we go on to believe in the things passed onto us from our ancestors, what answer do we get just thinking over one question, is it true to your being? Forgetting about the logic it may hold but is it reflecting upon our own life or are we simply pretending to follow a false conviction.
At times when our worship fails us why is it that we question our beliefs and ideals which we’ve been justifying from the time we gained conscious.

Go figure!


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